Jun 2017
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Actress Alison Brie On Dolly Parton, Binge-Watching, And Where To Eat In Paris Alison Brie stole our hearts on Community, and we’re pretty sure she’s about to do it again on GLOW (premiering June 23 on Netflix). To say we’re excited to watch her new show would be an understatement. Female wrestlers in 80’s clothes and makeup? Yes, please. We sat down with Brie to talk about everything from the best

Apr 2014
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With the seventh and final season of Mad Men off to a great start, seeing how much Don, Joan, Peggy and the gang have changed over the years is more obvious than ever. One of the most dramatic transformations of all is that of Trudy Campbell, played by the talented Alison Brie, who goes from being head-over-heels in love with her husband Pete Campbell, to kicking him out of their

Jan 2014
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Are you guys done now? We’re done – I’m just walking off the lot now. And it’s so strange, because they’ve already broken down the whole set. We’re only shooting these thirteen episode seasons, so they tear down the entire thing. It’s so sad. And they’ll build it again next year? Right, right. Or maybe never again. Maybe that’s why it’s sad. So you’re talking to me instead of celebrating?

Jul 2011
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After a brief stop at Comic-Con this weekend, the cast of Community begins production Monday on Season 3 of the much-adored (except by stubborn Emmy voters) NBC comedy. Creator Dan Harmon will no doubt let loose with a few spoilers for the faithful assembled at the Con, but he knows there’s also a loyal core of fans who won’t be able to make the schlep to San Diego. As such,

Apr 2011
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Thanks to Andie for sending me the link! As far as we’re concerned, Alison Brie can do no wrong. She has the small but pivotal role of Trudy Campbell on “Mad Men,” arguably the best drama on TV, and she’s among the primary cast of  “Community” on NBC, arguably the best sitcom to air in years — unless you’re among the NextMovie staff, where we accept no arguments. (It is.

Mar 2011
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On tonight’s episode of Community, the study group throws a Pulp Fiction-themed birthday party. But don’t expect a total movie spoof: Vulture caught up with Alison Brie at an event hosted by Dewar’s at the Redbury and Cleo Restaurant in Hollywood last night, and she told us, “The main storyline is a parody of a much more cultish, if you can imagine, independent film-following type; the Pulp Fiction storyline is