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Alison will be on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” on Thursday April 14, (12/11 c on ABC). Also there will be actor Tom Arnold and Big Audio Dynamite performs.

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As we’ve posted a few days ago Alison did an interview, when she attended the “Dewar’s at the Redbury and Cleo Restaurant” event and she also talked about her other TV-series “Mad Men”. Now there are some more exact informations about season 5 of the series:

AMC has officially authorized production of season 5 of Mad Men, triggering our option with Lionsgate. While we are getting a later start than in years past due to ongoing, key non-cast negotiations, Mad Men will be back for a fifth season in early 2012.

You can read the whole article right here :)! Due to lots of school stuff I’m keeping very busy at the last time, but I”ll try to post the upcoming days screencaptures of the latest “Community” episodes.

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On tonight’s episode of Community, the study group throws a Pulp Fiction-themed birthday party. But don’t expect a total movie spoof: Vulture caught up with Alison Brie at an event hosted by Dewar’s at the Redbury and Cleo Restaurant in Hollywood last night, and she told us, “The main storyline is a parody of a much more cultish, if you can imagine, independent film-following type; the Pulp Fiction storyline is the secondary storyline. You’ll see great Pulp Fiction costumes … am I teasing enough?” Sort of. But judging from the rest of our conversation, Josh Holloway’s face is the real tease: The Community crew is shooting the May 12 season finale with him, and Brie said he had a dreamy effect on the cast and crew.

What are the big things we should look for as we move toward the end of this season of Community?
We have the big paintball sequel season finale — that’s going to be an hour long, and there’s a lot of exciting stuff in it. Josh Holloway from Lost makes an appearance and he and Joel have a “handsome off,” as I like to call it, between the two of them. That was kind of the vibe on the set, as well. Everyone on set — guys and girls alike — were fawning over Josh. I was calling it “the Josh Holloway effect”: Everyone was on their best behavior, looking better than ever. Our male producers would talk to Josh for five minutes and then they’d walk over and say, “He really is attractive, isn’t he?” It was so funny. There were a lot of man crushes, absolutely, and we’re also hardcore Lost fans so you’re like, “This is a face I’ve been looking at for six years.” You can’t help but be enamored by it. And he’s great on the show: His part is very cool, he plays this kind of mysterious character and he and I have some great scenes together. We even added some stuff while we were shooting because it was going well; they appreciated our chemistry. In the finale, you definitely see a different side of Annie and one of the ways that’s reflected is that you see a little more skin than Annie is used to showing.

Does she chloroform anyone?
She may not chloroform — but for the record, that’s one of my favorite scenes of the whole season. I have a scar on my hand from when we shot that scene.

How are you feeling about the news that came out this week about Mad Men’s production delay?
I feel okay about it because I’m going to be busy shooting a movie this summer, Five Year Engagement, which Judd Apatow is producing. I play Emily Blunt’s sister. I’ll be using a British accent because Emily will be using her normal accent. Jason Segel is in it. Jason and Nick Stoller wrote it, and Forgetting Sarah Marshall [written by Segel] is one of my favorite movies. These guys are so much fun. We start shooting in Ann Arbor at the end of April and we’ll shoot all through the summer, almost until we start back on Community. So I was actually a little relieved to hear the Mad Men news because I’ll be in Ann Arbor all this time.

One final unrelated question: Who do you think is the new Rebecca Black?
Isn’t Rebecca Black the new Rebecca Black?

That’s like “black is the new black.”


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I’ve made “Communityscreencaps of missing episodes and uploaded them to the Gallery! I’ll try to catch up with all of the last episodes as soon as possible. As well I uploaded a new “Twitter” picture of Alison and puppy – It’s seriously a way too cute!

Finally found my co-star for the new “The Wizard of Oz“!! #hollywoodlovesremakes

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There are some great good news! Alexx over and I decided to merge our Alison Fansites together, to create a better fansite for all of you fans out there! We currently work on re-doing the site, so don’t wonder if it might look a bit weird.

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Alison Brie is joining Judd Apatow’s “Five-Year Engagement” for Universal and will portray the younger sister to Emily Blunt’s character.

“Five-Year Engagement” charts the ups and downs of the relationship between the couple, portrayed by Blunt and Jason Segal. Apatow and Shauna Robertson are producing with Nicholas Stoller directing from a screenplay he co-wrote with Segal. Brie told Variety that she’s a major fan of Stoller and Segal’s work in “Forgetting Sarah Marshall,” which Apatow and Robertson produced. “It really is one of my favorite films ever,” she added. “I’ve watched it at least 20 times.” It’s also the first time that Brie will be working with a British accent. “I’ve worked on accents when I was studying at Cal Arts and in Scotland and enjoy that kind of transformation,” she added. Brie said she’s been told that production will start around the end of April. Brie’s been one of the town’s most active actresses, playing Annie Edison in “Community” on NBC and Trudy Campbell in AMC’s “Mad Men.” She’s a lead in the forthcoming “Scream 4,” out April 15. Brie’s represented by UTA, Vital Management Group and Bloom Hergott Diemer Rosenthal Laviolette & Feldman


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Television > Hannah Montana > 1.05 – It’s My Party And I’ll Lie If I Want To

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I’ve made the last days screencaps of the series “My Alibi” (2008), where Alison played Rebecca Fuller! I also added some Promotional Posters of this series to the Gallery. Enjoy!

027.jpg 032.jpg 036.jpg 041.jpg 076.jpg
014.jpg 035.jpg 040.jpg 023.jpg 042.jpg
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I’ve uploaded screencaps of this week’s “Community” episode called “2.13 – Celebrity Pharmacology“. As well there are some “behind the scenes” pictures of this episode to find in the gallery! Credit for these goes to Los Angeles Time!

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Community > Season 2 > Screencaps > 2.13 – Celebrity Pharmacology
Community > Season 2 > Behind the Scenes > Behind the Scenes of 2.13 “Celebrity Pharmacology”

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